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Kukua Permaculture of Africa is a project to make Permaculture
famous all over Tanzania and Africa.

Kukua Practical Permaculture of Africa was established in view of the above environmental problems which seem to endanger our habitat. Permaculture offers solutions for many environmental, social and livelihood problems. KPPA used the Permaculture Ethics, Principles, and Designs to develop its curriculum. The following are the key areas why Permaculture is a solution to our environmental problems:

  • Not disturbing the balance of the natural ecosystem or displacing any other living being or species
  • Rebuilding, rehabbing, or re-establishing damaged natural systems to their natural states
  • Relying on natural water capturing and conservation techniques to nourish our gardens and orchards
  • Returning all wastes (as compost) to nourish our soils, plants, and trees
  • Designing our systems and procedures around these principles to keep the circle unbroken


KPPA wants to create awareness among the community by introducing Permaculture in Africa as a whole. KPPA will also provide education to communities and agriculture stake holders. The training modality is based on practical, hands-on Permaculture skills in order to promote total human livelihood and environment sustainability.


KPPA has developed a Permaculture demonstration site and has applied Permaculture Ethics and Principles. The farm is placed very close to the road to have a good access for the community.
The complex of KPPA contains all Permaculture facilities i.e. buildings, energy saving structures and visible Permaculture zones. It is a KPPA vision to establish a practical Permaculture facility with international standards. Currently, the team is working to establish the syntropic farm within the site.
The farm can presently provide 95% of the food supplies that the team (including volunteers) needs to live a healthy and nutritious life. In future the farm seeks to be 100% self sustainable.

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Kukua Permaculture of Africa is a project to promote Permaculture all over Tanzania and Africa.

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