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We offer courses on various topics. The length of each course varies from two to four weeks.

Guided Tours

We offer Guided Tours on the area of Kukua Permaculture of Africa with an introduction to Permaculture.


We offer a space for researchers to study the effects of Permaculture on the environment.


We invite all people who are interested in Permaculture and want to learn how Permaculture is used in the garden.

Food —————————————- 35,000 tsh per day

Tent pitch ——————————— 5,000 tsh per day

Tent pitch + tent ———————– 10,000 tsh per day

Price List

Volunteering —————————– 12,000 tsh per day

Guided Tours —————————– 15,000 tsh

Researches ——————————– 100,000 tsh per week

CoursesĀ  ———————————— from 300,000 tsh per week

KPPA offers the following courses

  • Introduction to Permaculture
  • Ethics of Permaculture
  • Permaculture principles and methods
  • Design exercises and presentations
  • Natural patterns
  • Observation and perception
  • Ecosystems, system theory and complexity
  • Soils, trees, water, climate
  • Permaculture in the tropics
  • Economy and community
  • Urban Permaculture and indigenous landscape design
  • Social Permaculture
  • Terrain modelling
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Beekeeping

About Us

Kukua Permaculture of Africa is a project to promote Permaculture all over Tanzania and Africa.

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